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Lenti-Rb siRNA Virus

G223 ABM 10 ml

Lenti- dCas9- KRAB- blast

PVT10919 Lifescience Market 2 ug

Partial Lenti-HA Kit

LV210 ABM 1 Kit

Lenti-SV40Tt Lentivirus, High Titer

LV614 ABM 5 x 20 ul
Description: High Titer Lentivirus expressing SV40 large and small T antigens (10⁹ IU/ml)

Lenti-p53 siRNA Virus

G219 ABM 10 ml

Partial Lenti-His Kit

LV110 ABM 1 Kit

Complete Lenti-HA Kit

LV200 ABM 1 Kit

H2B Antibody Antibody

E11-184659 EnoGene 100ug/100ul 225 EUR

Lck antibody Antibody

GWB-250026 GenWay Biotech 0.05 ml Ask for price

anti- Antibody^Polyclonal antibody control antibody

LSMab09882 Lifescience Market 100 ug 525.6 EUR

CD11b Antibody Antibody

E19-2911-1 EnoGene 50ug/50ul 145 EUR

CD11b Antibody Antibody

E19-2911-2 EnoGene 100ug/100ul 225 EUR

ASAP1 antibody Antibody

DF8746 Affbiotech 200ul 420 EUR

ASAP1 antibody Antibody

DF8746-100ul Affinity Biosciences 100ul 280 EUR

ASAP1 antibody Antibody

DF8746-200ul Affinity Biosciences 200ul 350 EUR

Our used rec. in Pubmed.


T078 PhytoTechnology Laboratories 1EA 25.49 EUR

SAM Test Strip

TS00201s-30 Arthus 30 tests 499.2 EUR

SAH Test Strip

TS00301s-30 Arthus 30 tests 604.8 EUR

HCY Test Strip

TS00401s-30 Arthus 30 tests 663.6 EUR


D04-101-10kg Alphabiosciences 10 kg Ask for price

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